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Matza Ball

Matza Balls: the Key to Success
There is nothing like a white, fluffy, matza ball in rich, warm chicken soup. If I want to serve another soup on Friday night, I still need to make chicken soup with matza balls for my kids. It just isn’t Friday night without it.

Good matza balls need to be flavorful, round, and light. For many, this outcome is not so simple. Here are some tips for perfect matza balls every time.

· Do not overmix the batter
· Refrigerate at least 2 hours before forming balls
· Gently, and without too much handling, form the balls
· Use seltzer instead of water in your favorite recipe

Fluffy Matzah Balls

4 large eggs
2 T vegetable oil
½ c seltzer
1 c matza meal
salt and pepper to taste

Mix eggs well with a fork. Add the oil to combine. Add the matza meal and salt and pepper and mix well. Mix in the seltzer. Cover and refrigerate for several hours.

Bring water and salt to a boil in a large pot. Dip your hands in cold water and gently make about 10 balls slightly smaller than ping-pong balls. Place the matza balls in the water. Cover and simmer about 30 or until soft.