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Some people like to serve the same thing every week. I like to mix it up a little. Although my family loves traditional chicken soup, they are also big fans of this spicy and unique variation!

Friday night dinner

Whole Wheat Challah [1]

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup [2]

Brisket [3]

Potato Kugel [4]

Szechwan Green Beans [5]


Pecan Pie [6]

Shabbos Lunch

Barbecued Salmon and Roasted Corn Salad [7]

Yapsuk [8]

Mushroom Kugel [9]

Yam Kugel [10] – this is adapted from Kosher by Design Entertains [11]. Instead of cooking sweet potatoes, I just use a large can of yams (40 ounces), drained and reduce slightly the amount of sugar

Sorbet Tart [12]