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Feeding Our Children Nutritiously

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Feeding our children nutritiously and with ease is a priority and a struggle at some point for most mothers. I have spoken to many friends about this and each has their own strategy; some make a separate dinner for their picky ones and just serve what they like, others bribe their kids (don’t we all at times?) with dessert, and some just throw their hands up in frustration. My family has come up with a solution that not only works well in getting my family to all eat the same meal but also helps me save time.

Here’s what we do. On Sunday morning, my oldest daughter gets out a piece of paper and together they make the weekday menus for me. They each get one night to pick the meal of their choice. They negotiate with one another and sometimes veto something that we had last week or something they know I am unwilling to make. They not only have a great time (sometimes they pick things from cookbooks), but they work together and get excited when it’s the day for their meal. Remarkably, they try to choose meals that they know most of them will like. The great part for me is that I can organize a grocery list on Sunday night and be prepared for most of the week.

More ideas to make meal time successful and nutritious:

· Eat with your children. They will eat better and try new things if you eat with them.

· Give food fun names like meatball cake, or salmon with candy sauce.

· Try things many times. Slowly over time and repetition children will develop and broaden their taste.

· Dip. Kids love dipping foods into things from ketchup to yogurt to salad dressing. Dipping makes eating more fun for them.