Soda Meatballs

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2 ½ lb chopped meat
12 oz ketchup
24 oz ginger ale
½ cup honey
½ cup uncooked white rice
½ cup raisins (I leave out)
1 bag chopped green cabbage
¼ cup brown sugar
1 chopped onion
Salt and pepper to taste

Boil ketchup, ginger ale, honey and brown sugar. In a separate bowl combine onions, salt, pepper, meat, rice and raisins. Make into meat balls. Drop the meatballs into the liquid. Add the bag of cabbage. Bring it back to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer for 90 minutes. These freeze really well.

4 thoughts on “Soda Meatballs

  1. these look so good i NEED to make them!!! what can i use as a substitute for ginger ale? because i live in israel and thats not so easy to come by….

  2. These were so good! I didn’t have any tomato sauce in my house, so this was perfect. The soda really gave it a slightly different taste from the usual meatballs, and it was a bit hit.

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