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More Hanukkah Fun!

The real miracle of Hanukkah is that we keep our kids entertained all week on a low budget with no fighting. Well that would be a miracle wouldn’t it? But really, I think that both children and adults enjoy the holiday and welcome the opportunity to have 8 nights of spiritual uplift – and family fun. It can be a creative challenge but when it works, it’s great. For our family, the side benefits include no homework, lots of doughnuts and latkes, and skating at Rockefeller Center with hot chocolate and marshmallows to follow. The celebration continues in the kitchen and out with:

Oreo Stuffed Doughnuts [1] (from my friend and personal chef Naomi Nachman)
Playing Dreidel – The official game [2]

Download and enjoy Sam Glaser’s new Chanuka CD [3]. It’s a fun parody album with songs for the whole family to enjoy. We love the song Eight Crazy Nights (to the tune of Twist and Shout).

Finally, as in all holidays, we focus on the unity of the Jewish people and try to get involved in some activity that involves giving to others. Our family delivers special Chanukah food packages for Tomchei Shabbos. Let us know what yours does.