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When the story of Purim occurred, it was as if the world was upside-down. Nothing was the way it seemed. We live in a world today that still seems like that – venachafoch hu, upside down. Israel is reviled and the murderers of its citizens applauded. The big picture is hidden from us. Nevertheless we celebrate because we know that just as Hashem’s hidden hand was ultimately revealed and the Jews of Shushan saved, so too will it happen again and we will eventually see the redemption. We will have that clear recognition that everything is from Hashem. The curtains will be pulled back. To help get into the Purim spirit (no pun intended), we offer this Purim meal for you, your family and friends. We hope it will excite your palate and increase your Simcha! No Purim seudah would be complete without some (but not too much) alcohol. This year we’re serving Long Island Iced Tea (no slur on the Five Towns intended)

Pumpkin Challah [1]
Baby Lamb Chops with Chianti Vinaigrette [2]
“Shrimp” Cocktail [3]
Tomatoes with Tequila-Lime Vinaigrette [4]
Green Salad with Champagne Dressing [5]
Jewel Toned Orzo [6]
Macadamia Nut Tarts [7]
Chocolate Bread Pudding with Warm Caramel and Chocolate Sauces [8]
Long Island Iced Tea [9]