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The Challah Fairy

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In terms of kosher, I really thought we had it all here in the Five Towns, you know, choices of everything kosher and the best of everything. Then the Challah Fairy arrived and guess what? We have really been missing out! These challahs are melt-in-your-mouth good and now you can try them. Part light delicious challah, part rich layers of chocolate or cinnamon, sprinkled with sweet crumbs on top…seriously, what is not to love? The Challah Fairy has been selling (and selling out week after week), in Monsey, Teaneck, Westchester, NYC, and delivering to a few private residences (yup, the celebs love her and get it delivered weekly) and now are available in the Five Towns, at Supersol and Le Chocolat (and they are shipped nationwide). For GKC, the Challah Fairy will ship a variety package to one lucky winner. They are worth shipping a single loaf or for a simcha and you should see what they make for simchas! The Challah Fairy is famous for camp packages and simcha challahs (I have never seen such a large, layered challah filled with chocolate and all sorts of mazel that goes with it).

GKC spoke to Chanalee Fischer the founder and chief baker at the Challah Fairy and lucky for us, she shared some challah secrets and the secrets of her success.

GKC, “How did you get started baking challah?”
The Challah Fairy, “As a mom of little children, I did not want to work outside the home. Finding myself with extra time during the day, I began the ritual of baking challahs almost every week, but six medium challahs was just too much for the family. So each time I baked challah, I would leave two challahs hanging in a bag on my friend’s mailbox. As soon as she found the challahs, she would excitedly call me with the same words, “ooh! the challah fairy was here!” And so, when I decided to begin baking for business, the name, THE CHALLAH FAIRY, sounded just perfect.”

GKC, “Did you learn to bake as a child with your mother?
The Challah Fairy, “My mother started baking challah when we were kids but I cannot say that I bake for that reason. I bake because I’m a great “sharer” and through challah baking I can share with so many people on a weekly basis. I had no idea this would go this far and that it could affect Jewish and non-Jewish tables nationwide.”

GKC, “Any at home baking tips?”
The Challah Fairy, “My BIG baking tip is when you are ready to begin braiding and your dough is sticky, do not flour the counter surface or the dough, use a drop of neutral oil to prevent sticking. This keeps the dough soft and never clumpy or dry.”

GKC, “What do you think makes your challah special?”
The Challah Fairy, “Hmmm, I told someone years ago and it still holds today, I bake with a secret ingredient that few who sell challah bake with….LOVE…that’s the truth. Whatever it is that I bake, I infuse it with love. Also, I do not skimp on ingredients and use no fillers or preservatives so buy it fresh and enjoy!”

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The Challah Fairy [4]
17 Third Street
New City, NY 10956
845 323 4582

The Challah Fairy is under the kosher supervision of Rabbi Zushe Blech from Monsey, NY

The Challah Fairy is under the kosher supervision of Rabbi Zushe Blech from Monsey, NY