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Featured Giveaway: The Original Challah Dough Cover and Challah Pan

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Contest Ends January 9th, 2011 12:01 a.m. PST.

It’s our new giveaway but also a new great product for GKC from The Kosher Cook [4]. Imagine a perfect cloth preferred by chefs to cover rising dough imprinted with the blessing for separating challah. No longer will the same towel that is used for cleaning or washing hands be used in this woman’s mitzvah. Beautiful, L’Kovod Shabbos Kodesh, and a reminder of the mitzvah while the dough rises on the counter. Priced at just $9.95 from the Kosher Cook, it’s the perfect gift or present for oneself. Recently I attended a Project Inspire Challah Baking lecture intended to inspire more people to include others in the mitzvah of making challah. Not only was the group of woman and the lecture compelling but to see the table covered with challah bowls, all covered with the Challah Cover, made it seem so formal and uniquely special.

The cover is a square, oversized cloth and is designed to fit neatly over a large round bowl. It’s available in white with black, blue and wine lettering. Lucky for GKC, we not only have a challah cover but a 12” challah pan to go with it.

GKC is a big fan of so many products from the Kosher Cook. They are the solution to all kosher kitchen confusion with their color-coded stickers, spatulas, trays and so much more for your kosher home.

Buy one as a gift or for others from the Kosher Cook [5], $9.95