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Herzog Reserve Cabernet/Zinfandel/Syrah

Gary Landsman, AKA the “Wine Tasting Guy”, raves about the Herzog Reserve Cabernet/Zinfandel/Syrah: This unique blend from the Herzog reserve series is such a crowd pleaser that I served it at my wedding. (Now that’s what I call raving!) The wine delivers ripe fruity aromas, with the flavors of blackberry, plums and toasty vanilla, along with an elegant finish. It is a robust wine that goes well with aged cheese or rich flavorful meat [1] & chicken [2] dishes.

Gary Landsman makes, sells, writes about and, of course, tastes wine. Presently doing PR/Marketing work for Royal Wines, you can contact Gary with any wine related questions at gary@winetastingguy.com [3]