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In the last few years good wines have popped up from Chili and Argentina but lately it seems that everyone is talking about Rioja wines. These are usually dry red wines from the Rioja region of Northern Spain. Honestly, this wine was new to me so I was excited to try it, especially since the non-kosher world sees it as a big wine trend for 2011. The Elvi Matiz Rioja 2008 is the best kosher Rioja to try. You can taste the spicy black cherry and savory flavors and smell the earthy aroma. Rioja loses flavor if served from a decanter according to Rioja experts so best to serve it from the bottle. It’s a perfect Friday night wine and pairs well with Shabbos food like Savory Lamb Stew [1] or London Broil with Caramelized Shallots and Walnuts [2].