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Candy Giveaway

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Contest Ends March 6th, 2011 12:01 a.m. PST.

I have to admit I not only love food but I also love candy. And since Purim is coming I just had to tell you about these new candies that your kids are going to love. The first, Cookie Dough Bites, made by Taste of Nature and available in chocolate chip, cookies & cream [4] (that’s my favorite), peanut butter [5], and cinnamon bun [6], are melt in your mouth semi-guilt free opportunities to eat cookie dough as candy instead of out of the bowl. I love the fun flavors and trying NEW kosher candies under the CRC (dairy).

Taste of Nature also brings us the most kidlicious cotton candy, in flavors like Swirlz [7], Mike and Ike [8], and Hot Tamale [9] cotton candy. How fun are those photos?! One lucky GKC winner gets to try these and be the first at school with new candy; now that’s called instant popularity!

If you can’t wait to be the lucky winner and must have these in time for Purim, you can get them at www.candyasap.com [10] or at most Walgreens and CVS stores.