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Great Wines for Succos

Succos is a time for joy, and to GKC that means lots of great meals with family and friends in the Succah and of course great wine too. The perfect meal always includes a great wine. Here are our wine suggestions, one for every meal. Many thanks to our friends at Royal Wines [1] for all the terrific suggestions and expertise and for making sure that our wines are as fine as our food.

1st night Succos– Psagot Merlot as this is a rich Merlot that pairs beautifully with various foods. If you live somewhere warm, try a chilled Segal’s Reserve Chardonnay – a complex and oaky chardonnay that goes great with poultry.

1st day Succos– Capcanes Peraj Petite is a fruity but not oaky red wine that can be slightly chilled and enjoyed with a variety of foods.

2nd night Succos– A Herzog Reserve Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon as it is a clean, fruit driven red wine that will enhance the simcha of Yom Tov and your meal. (budget bottle – try the Weinstock Cellar Select Cabernet Sauvignon as it too is a fruity California cab at about half the price of the Herzog Reserve).

2nd day Succos– There are few wines more refreshing than a Sauvignon Blanc and the newly screwcap closed Goose Bay Sauvignon Blanc has unbelievably refreshing grapefruit characteristics and will go great on a (hopefully) warm Yom Tov day.

Shabbos night – Castel Grand Vin is a special wine that has a bit of unique Judean Hills character while being frequently compared to world renowned Bordeaux wines from France.

Shabbos day – Having spent enough on wine for the past 3 days of Yom Tov grab 2 bottles of budget wine – the W wines, red & white. They can be chilled, are easy drinking wines, and meet anyone’s budget.