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Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chips

Yes, Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chips are a great product and one that GKC promotes and uses often. So did anyone not hear the big news of these chips? If not, you missed big kosher news! Basically, the well-known and OK Pareve label on the semi-sweet chocolate chips is being changed to OK Dairy. GKC talked to both Trader Joe’s and the OK to get the real and correct information to share. What has changed? According to Trader Joe’s, the cleaning process has changed on the equipment that packages the chips. They used to use a wet wipe process to clean the machine before they packaged the OK Pareve chips. They recently, as in a few months ago, changed that process to a dry wipe process to decrease allergens and bacteria from developing. This change, caused the OK to change the hecksher. The product and ingredients are not dairy and have not been changed. In fact, most of the bags that people ran out to purchase have been made with this new process so technically should carry the OK Dairy label as well. Trader Joe’s did not know that this change would affect the hecksher or that the response would be so overwhelming. The marketing department said they may reevaluate the change based on the response. So keep up the facebook chatter and the letters and emails to Trader Joe’s. But for now, our favorite chocolate chip got a little messy.