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We are “Thanksgiving celebraters”.  We enjoy the extended family being together for what we call a “neutral” holiday, no rules, no trouble keeping things at the right temperature, all celebrating being grateful.  Most years we stay in NY with my in-laws and my husbands cousins because its too difficult to travel that weekend and it’s a fun tradition at their home.  My mother-in-law is not the patcha in the kitchen type (don’t worry she is a proud reservation maker and I am not offending her in any way) but she really works hard to make Thanksgiving a delicious and warm experience for all. She loves a potpourri of stuff like pigs in a blanket, hummos and veggies, stuffed cabbage (that’s her trademark dish that she learned from her mother-in-law and admittedly it’s the recipe I make too because it’s the best ever), smoked and regular turkey, sweet potatoes with crushed pineapple, steamed green beans, and someone brings store bought pies.  Until it’s in my house, I eat what I am served. I always bring a few of the side dishes in the Thanksgiving recipe ideas [1] section, but in general I enjoy that I am a guest and love that it is not all on my shoulders.  My best recommendation, check out all these great recipes [2] and give them out to all your guests to make.  Make it a pot luck and be grateful for good friends, family and good food.

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