Giveaway: Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure

Recently I got to speak with authors Jeryl Abelmann and Miriam Kronish (illustrated by award winning artist Chason Mattams) of “Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure and Quickly the Magic Spatula.  I raved about their enchanting story a few months ago.  And now they are back with some GKC Q & A and a giveaway!  Imagine a wonderful story to share with your kids and a cookbook all in one.

Tell us a little about Quickly…
Our most recent book is Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure. Once again we bring Quickly: The Magic Spatula to life. Quickly’s wish is to have a magical pancake adventure – to go out into the world in search of pancake recipes far and wide. This book blends Quickly’s adventure with a treasure trove of delicious pancake recipes. Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure celebrates what peoples of the world share in common – the love of pancakes.

What inspired you to write the book?
Quickly a spatula and beloved fixture in the family kitchen became the inspiration for the book. Quickly is a tribute to family.  It is a story about how a simple object can be the source of joy as it evokes memories of family and growing up.

We were inspired by the response to the first book and we decided to write the sequel, Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure, to contrast reality with fantasy.

Who is the perfect reader for your book?
The perfect reader for our book is a person who is hungry, loves pancakes, and has a child nearby to share the story with.

Their books have received numerous Literacy awards from the Los Angeles, New England, and San Francisco Book Festivals.  The Paris Book Festival awarded them both a literacy and a cookbook award.

The authors are sharing one book with a lucky GKC winner.  It’s the perfect gift for any family member and will soon be available in hard cover.

To get one today go to

And don’t forget to check out the sneak peak recipe, Joyce’s Chocolate Chip Pancakes by Chef Justin Fields at the Ritz-Carleton.  If you think this looks good, you should see all the other amazing pancake recipes this book includes!

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How to Juice a Lime

We often hear about how to get more juice out of a lemon, like rolling it with your hand to release the juices inside or squeezing them at room temperature. Juicing limes is a whole other concept and one that is rarely discussed. I think people find it difficult and get so little juice that they choose buying the lime juice in a bottle. So, after squeezing and testing many methods I have the official “My most successful lime squeezing method”. You must try it. I guarantee you will have much more juice and all your recipes will taste amazing with fresh lime.
Here is the basic concept, instead of slicing the lime in half, hold the lime on the cutting board with the top stem up and the bottom on the cutting board. Make a cut on the side of the lime as if there was a center pit, like a mango. Slice through the top to bottom but not at the center, as if the pit was in the center. A lime has a core in it that blocks the juices when you cut it through the center. Turn it around and cut down the other side, again leaving the center core in tact. Now cut two small slices on the two remaining sides leaving the center core as garbage.

Now squeeze the slices. You will be amazed at how much more juice you get from these smaller pieces. The juice is pungent and smells wonderful and adds zing to everything. I love it in guacamole and in Won Ton Cups with Smoked Salmon and Avocado Salad