More Thanksgivvukah Recipes, See them All!

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15 thoughts on “More Thanksgivvukah Recipes, See them All!

  1. I thoroughly enjoy Paula’s approach to baking and her commitment to kosher desserts. Her great attitude and her dedication are part of who she is and what she includes in her books.

  2. I use Paula’s “The Kosher Baker” with over 600 dairy free recipes, all the time. It is one of my favorites. I am really interested in having her newest cookbook – “The Holiday Kosher Cookbook” which I am sure will inspire me with new recipes for my holiday collection.

  3. with all these holidays who can’t use new recipes? This looks like a great book and would be a wonderful addition to a kosher cook’s library. It would be really appreciated especially by my husband and children who love to try out new recipes. Thanks for this opportunity.

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