Glass Pot


Only the Museum of Modern Art would carry this chic new pot designed by Massimo Castagna from Italy. They are hand-made with tempered glass. Cooking in these pots definitely brings cooking to life. I love to watch the pasta dance and twirl and see vegetables become bold as they cook. It's definitely a splurge but maybe try it for Passover and turn dinner prep into a show.

Available at

Macaron Baking Sheet

My daughter and her friend Elana have become French Macaron Bakers. They attended at class at CKCA and now create their own fabulous and creative combinations, like lime macarooms with homemade lemon curd filling, vanilla bean with chocolate ganache, Cinnabun flavor, and many more. With her amazon gift card for Hanukah, she just bought this macaron baking mat which has improved the look of the cookies tremendously. The mat helps to make each cookie exactly the same size by giving a template for the batter to fill. If you also want to make those adorable and delicious macarons, try this mat and make your cookies look like they came from a French bakery.


Available at Amazon for $7.00


5 Great Apps For Diet and Fitness

Want to get the best and quickest diet, fitness and health info? Check out these healthy lifestyle apps to keep you on your 2015 health plan.

fooducateApp: Fooducate by Fooducate, Ltd. For iOS and Android
Cost: iOS free, Andoid $4.99
Fooducate has been around for a few years and allows you to view the quality of the calories you eat by giving foods a letter grade (A, B, C, D). Fooducate has recently added a tracking feature, where you can track daily calorie intake through food and beverages, as well as expenditure through exercise.

calcutterApp: Cal Cutter by NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for iOS, Android, and Web
Cost: Free
This simple app can help make the home cook aware of the calories in the dishes they serve. It allows you to enter your recipe and intended number of servings and then gives you the calories for that dish. The app also provides tips for reducing calories, lower calorie or healthier ingredient substitutions, healthier cooking methods and reasonable portion sizes.

11nutritionApp: Rise by Rise Labs, Inc.
Cost: free trial then $15 a week
Sometimes, getting healthy goals off the ground requires a kick. This is personalized nutrition counseling and diet planning for $15 a week. Rise gives you access to a virtual coach. This expert will encourage you to forge ahead while customizing your eating plans and taking a gander at your Instagram-ready food photos to determine if that Shabbos kugel is worth the splurge.

kidsweightlossApp: Kurbo by Kurbo Health, Inc.
Cost: varies
Childhood obesity is at an alarming high especially for teens. The solution is a transformation of lifestyle habits, embracing healthier eating patterns and a regular exercise regimen. Kurbo does exactly that. Based on Stanford University’s acclaimed Pediatric Weight Control Program at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, it combines sound personal coaching advice with food and activity tracking through a youth-loving medium.

waterloggedApp: Waterlogged, by Day Logger Inc.
Cost: free
For Ios, Android, and web
Track your daily intake of water, get reminders about hydration, and alarms to keep you drinking. Works with fitbit too and incorporates photo technology. Just snap a picture of your drink and it tracks that amount.


fitbit copy
I'm not sure how I feel about this product but it's definitely all the rage and was one of the most purchased items this holiday season. The Fitbit tracks your distance, steps, activity, sleep, calories burned, and active minutes in a small bracelet type of wearable technology. It comes in great colors and to me is a reality check on how much or little movement we get each day. People claim in has changed their routines and increased their fitness level and daily activity. It's pricey but if you need a quiet conscience, go for it!
Available at

Savino Connoisseur: Wine Preservation Glassware

Thanksgiving and Hannukah are around the corner and I'm already thinking of gift ideas. This one I spotted in a wine shop in a tiny town in Connecticut this summer and kept it in my files to share this time of year.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you do not finish a bottle of wine. The Savino Connoisseur helps keep wine fresh for another time. The sleep vessel holds 750 ml but it's design is really smart. It's shorter than a wine bottle for easier fridge storage, and it's airtight float keeps wine fresh for up to a week and allows for smooth pouring. Great gift idea!

Available at for $59.95

2 School Lunch Essential Items

Leek-proof, Hot and Cold, Food Jar - A School Lunch Essential
Available in 10 ounces and other 16 ounce options, these jars keep food hot and cold for up to 7 hours. They are perfect for soups, stews, yogurts, and hot and cold drinks. The have a non-slip base, are BPA free, and stay cool to the touch. Lastly, I love the wide mouth for easy filling and serving. There are other options available for larger amounts of liquid.

Available at
for $17.95

Adorable and Reusable Lunch Sacks
I love a cute item that is functional, reduces waste, and is adorable. These "lunchskins" are sized perfectly and are reusable. Perfect for a bagged sandwich lunch, they are dishwasher-safe so you can use it over and over again. They come in a variety of bright colors and patterns.
Available from for $8.95

Beeraw Honey

Love the packaging and varieties of this honey from
Beeraw honey produces raw, unprocessed, bee-saving honeys. They are pure and natural.

This gift box is made from Rooftop Bee Hives in NYC, how cool is that? Yes, NYC rooftop hives produce this honey.
Hell's Kitchen Rooftop Honey: It doesn't get more raw or real than Hell's Kitchen, home to cops, crooks, cooks and cabaret.
Central Park West Rooftop Honey: For intellectuals, artists, authors, and their kids
The High Line Rooftop Honey: Where fashionistas and fabulistas mix with turistas.
Harlem Rooftop Honey: Where the soul of Manhattan meets its soundtrack.

The four hand-corked 1 oz. vials are sealed in beeswax and packaged with a beautiful American Oak block, in a ribbon-enclosed gift box.
A description of the flavors and origins is also enclosed with your gift.
Lots of options and varietals available at
This gift option is $45

Beeraw honey does not have kosher supervision but is pure honey and according to the Star K certification does not require a hecksher.

Colored Paper Straws and Mason Jars



Hottest item of the summer, mason jars and colored paper straws. I love and have gone through dozens. They are adorable at BBQ's, summer Shabbos afternoons, or just a fun way to jazz up a cold drink.
Colored straws are available at $8 for 50
Or from in polka dots and lots of colors.

And Colored Mason Jars (clear are available everywhere from Bed Bath & Beyond to Target), are available at

Take Cover Knife Covers


While I'm grilling outside, I like to use my time well and start some of my slicing of vegetables and finishes while I am outside. That means carrying knives outside and then back inside and this can be dangerous. Edge guards made of hard plastic protect my knives in the drawer or while I carry them outside or to cooking classes.

$13.50 for a starter set of 3. Available at

Mini Herb Snips

Sharp kitchen shears for cutting chicken and meat are an important kitchen tool. This summer I discovered another tool I love, Herb Scissors. These sharp snippers are only four inches long so they are easy to maneuver between herb stems. A few weeks ago, I wrote about creating and herb garden and if you did, you might be enjoying your fresh herbs. Even if you buy fresh herbs, these scissors help with easy herb chopping. I chop them right into the marinade, dressing or sauce.

$15 at

New Essential Grilling Tools

Gimmicky grilling tools come and go, just check out your local Home Goods or TJ Maxx for all the items that sound good but are really unnecessary and DON’T buy them. Throughout the summer, I do try many new products though and love to share the best ones, like cedar planks and the Grill Daddy grill cleaner.

A few more must-haves include….
The Weber Style Grill Pan, made of sturdy, stick resistant stainless steel. It keeps small vegetables in place and still gives them a nice char. I tested many types and this was the hands-down favorite to maintain great grilling flavor while ensuring that the veggies don’t fall through the grates.

Available at for $20

Oversize tongs make it easy to grab anything, big or small.
Available at for $15

Heat-protective gloves with a silicone grip, so utensils don’t slip and you don’t get burned reaching to the far end of the grill. I like these because they are not too oversized.

Available at for $35

A Few Summer Must-Haves

strawberry-huller copy
Strawberry Huller $7.95 from
Cute to look at, and perfect for summer salads, smoothies, fruit platters, shortcake, and stuffed strawberries. This fun kitchen tool quickly removes the leaves and stem from a strawberry.

Citrus Zeel-Peel $5.95 from
Designed for best citrus peel removal, no bitter pith! It removes the peel in three simple steps. Just score your fruit with the peeler's sharp hook, lift the skin with the tapered corner, then slip the peel through the round opening. Quickly and neatly peels whole citrus fruits. Ideal for grapefruits and oranges. Great for using the peels in iced tea, couscous salad, and sangria!

Silicone Zone Baking Mat

Silicone-Zone-Blossom-Baking-Mat-300x300 for $15.00
I'm crazy for silpat mats and use them regularly for cookie baking. They have come a long way in style recently. These 11 x 17 non-stick (no more greasing the pans needed and super easy cleanup too!), also serve as a handy guide for spacing cookie dough and look a bit better than the earlier versions. The mat is oven-safe, dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe too.

Available at

Grill Daddy Pro, Best Grill Cleaner

Perfect for Dad on Father's Day, Grill Daddy Pro, Best Grill Cleaner

Just add water to the handle, turn it on and the heat from the grill creates steam that cleans the grill grates in seconds. No more scrubbing and scraping. The stainless steel brush is safe on hot grills and this tool has made grilling and grill clean up so quick and easy. I've been bringing it to all BBQ's and it's a big hit. has the best price, at $15.99, it's a great gift for dad or for anyone who likes to grill.