Pizza Wheel


My pizza wheel is too dull and does not slice through the crust of the pizza without reverse back and forth motion. Frustrating to make gorgeous and delicious homemade pizza and not cut through it well. has the solution! They make a cool, dual blade pizza wheel that actually works well and glides through the slicing. Strong, sharp, easy to use and clean, it’s an inexpensive, great addition to your kitchen tools.

Pizza wheel, made by sells for $12.99

Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop

We are serving ice cream and sorbet everyday on these hot summer days which got me searching for the best ice cream scoop around. It's not hard to find the winner because its the leading brand in ice cream parlors and has been around since 1933 and just get better and better. These ice cream scoops have heat conductive fluids sealed within the handle. So as you scoop, it softens the ice cream to form a perfect scoop.

Made by Zeroll in many sizes and available at $17- $20

Scanomat Coffee Brewer

This coffee maker is simply breathtaking! Forgive me for posting indulgent items two weeks in a row but this just could not wait. All you see is the graceful spout. Everything else is underneath the cabinet - including a professional grade grinder, milk frother, espresso maker and coffee brewer. Set down your cup and choose your drink using a counter-mounter touch pad or your wireless iphone or ipad. Ingenious, sleek, super cool. I may need to renovate my kitchen just to get one!

$6500 from

Super Sleek Ice Cream Scoop


Tired of the boring or childish ice cream scoops in your drawer? I sure am! I've been making ice cream and sorbet all season and I hate bringing a lame scoop to the table. This one is sleek and highly styled. A former car designer created this modern, curvy metal ice cream scoop in eight sporty colors. Which is your favorite?

Available at for $14.99

The Hapifork

Did you hear about this? It was all the rage at the tech show in Vegas and is being adored and mocked all over the news. The Hapifork is a fork that vibrates if you eat too fast. Touted as a weight loss assistant and promoting good health. It really vibrates if you take more than one bite of food every 10 seconds and has a removable bottom that plugs into an App that provides your consumption amounts and speeds. I'm not sure if it really helps you lose weight, but it has certainly caused quite a funny stir. If you are excited about it, you need to wait to get one because the release date is Spring 2013.

The Hapifork ask you to, "Eat slowly. Lose weight. Feel great." Well that and to pitch over $99 to preorder one.

Ipads in the Kitchen

Awhile back I posted a cool ipad holder for mounting. Now I’ve found two great tabletop options.  One simple, the other with speakers and some hi-tech options.  The first, simple and made from Oregon hardwood and finished with beeswax has natural appeal and a great look on any countertop.  The second is super chic and full of features.  It has USB ports for charging, speakerphone, wireless Bluetooth and speakers.  It’s designed and made by Williams-sonoma with a steep price tag but really perfect for watching all those new GKC videos that are coming soon.

Check them each out online.

Wood stand available at for $60 or at Write to them if you do not see it online.

Williams-sonoma smartstand for ipad available at for $199.

Kuhn Rikon PushPan

This is no ordinary springform pan. In fact, its ingenious! Made by Kuhn Rikon, this no-spring springform is made for me. My current pans over time, leak or stick but this new silicone technology releases easily, does not leak and comes in three sizes, 8, 9 and 10 inch sizes.

Kuhn Rikon PushPan $34.95 at

Toasty Handwarmers

Here is a crazy great product post. Toasty (they look like toast) handwarmers that plug into your USB port so that your hands can stay warm while working on the computer. Kinda outside of the cooking box but they are called Tato, and shaped like toast. My husband actually saw these and bought them for me for Hanukah and I thought it was so funny that I had to share them. BTW, they really work. Plug them into your computer for instant warm hands and lots of laughs. Get them at for $31.99

Rotato Express

Rotato express (get it? rotate potato = rotato), I'm not sure...but this time of year we all could use a little peeling assistance. I saw this being demo'd in the mall and just had to laugh. Admittedly, it was peeling all sorts fruits, vegetables and potatoes in a snap.

Available for about $30 on

If you get one, please let me know how it works for you!

Donut Pan

This time of year, some specialty kitchen products are the perfect gift for yourself or others. I'm trying out a few of these donut pans for baked donuts. My favorite is the mini donut pan because it makes the perfect serving size. A large baked donut seems too cake like for me but the mini looks and tastes close to a donut. For a great baked donut recipes see our baked donut recipes.

Available at for between $9 - $20.

Cuisinart® SmartStick™ Immersion Blender

Cuisinart comes in color! I'm loving the colorful pots, pans, mixers and accessories that have surfaced from so many companies. Cuisinart has followed suit and now GKC favorite appliance, immersion blenders, come in 4 color options. I feel like the company has the kosher consumer in mind, no more milk/meat stickers just color coded coolness.

I love them all and can't wait to add them to my collection.
Available at for $34.95

Recipe Rock

I found a great new gadget that is both useful and colorful (my two most important criteria!) to enhance our cooking experience.  It’s called a Recipe Rock and it holds up all those recipes you printed off your computer (you know those great ones from GKC!!)  And it comes in every color – green, red, turquoise, titanium (a little dull for me but no accounting for taste…) It keeps your recipes upright for easier reading and away from that mess on your counter.  And best of all, they’re only $9.95 each.  So if you can’t decide which color or you want to look at more than one recipe at a time…

Mackenzie-Childs Honey Pot

Rosh HaShanah is just around the corner and I love to set my table with a wide variety of honey jars. I’m always looking for something new, something just a little different. This year I found a great honey pot from Mackenzie-Childs. If you are already a fan, you know her colors are whimsical and fun and that all her products enhance your home and table – in fact, why stop at just the honey jar? And if you aren’t already a fan, this will make you one! Her products are expensive but they are truly beautiful. So, as you begin to think about having a sweet new year, think about adding this honey pot to your Yom Tov table. Or if you want a modern, more silver look, try this piece from Mary Jurek.

Vintage-Style Apron

photo: SurLa Table

Since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I like my kitchen to be bright and cheery, full of color and inspiration.  And I like to feel that way myself!  I find that it helps to wear a great apron – something clean (most of the stains gone), bright, colorful and even flattering.  That’s why I was delighted with the new vintage-style selection from SurLaTable. Each apron is different – slightly different patterns or looks, unique and attractive in its own way. Most come with matching potholders and dish towels to make the ensemble complete.  The biggest problem is choosing which one to get!  If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up as you get back in the kitchen after summer vacation, and in anticipation of the High Holidays, look no further.  And speaking of the High Holidays, stay tuned for our 2012 High Holiday Cookbook, starting Sunday, August 26th.